Easy Street JD&S specializes in sideloaders and offers a complete range of machines including very narrow aisle sideloaders typically designed for the Steel Service Center industry as well as 4-way units which can operate indoors and outdoors for any type of long load material handling applications. Rebuilt, reconditioned and rental units are all provided as part of Easy Streets scope of offerings. Easy Street provides a full range of service including plant layouts, on-site visits, training, maintenance programs, 24 hour service capabilities, and total parts support.

Standard C Series - Sideloader

The Standard C series Combilift sideloaders range in capacities from 6,000 lbs. up to 55,000 lb. Once again, these machines may be fitted with a wide range of platform lengths, lift heights and attachments to suit every application requirement. C series machines are available in Diesel, LPG and Electric configurations. All C series units are 4-way capable and allow the user to block stack material as would be done with a counterbalance truck. These machines can be fitted with guide rollers in order to operate in narrow aisles and can maneuver a 20% grade when traveling from indoor to outdoor operation. The C series retains full capacity with the mast fully extended and during 4-way operation allowing it to load trucks extremely effectively unlike traditional sideloaders. All C series machines all wheel hydrostatic drive and can operate in all types of conditions including mud and snow.

GT Series

CombLift gt series sideloader

The GT series sideloaders are offered in LPG, Diesel and Electric configurations and can be equipped with a wide range of standard or custom deck widths. Various lift heights and attachments are available to suit every application requirement. GT series machines can operate both indoor and outdoor due to their hydrostatic drive system and articulating platform wheels. Typically used in Steel Service Centers, the GT series machines are built very robust and easy to maintain, void of proprietary electronics and complicated electrical circuitry. When considering the LPG powered machines, the end user is able to eliminate batteries and the cost associated with them. Additionally, the I.C. machines can operate at a constant speed throughout the day making them far more productive than the typical electric sideloader.

ST Series

ST series sideloaders are narrow aisle machines having all-wheel hydrostatic drive and 4-way travel. While these machines are not as narrow as the GT series, they are still VNA sideloaders and are typically associated with guided aisle applications. The ST sideloader is fitted with all wheel hydrostatic drive and can easily climb a 15% slope like its C series cousin and provides indoor/outdoor capability. ST machines are available in LPG and Diesel configurations and like all Combilift equipment can be built with any size platform which may be required with a variety of lift heights and attachments to suit every possible application requirement.