Order Pickers

The EZ Picker order picking platform truck provides the operator with a machine which operates within a typical bar/tube storage rack system as narrow as 56.5 “.This machine allows the operator to move within the storage system, picking materials from various storage locations on either side of the aisle.

By utilizing this machine, the operator can build small customer orders without pulling entire storage pans from the racks in order to pull a single piece. These machines provide the user with a very cost effective way to build smaller customer orders while reducing cycle times within the storage system.Standard EZ Picker parameters are 1,500 lbs. capacity and 288” lift. Custom units are available.

Storage System Efficiency Improvements

Easy Street Order PickerThe EZ Street order picking bar platform machine offers users improved efficiencies in bar/tube storage system by reducing man power requirements and increasing existing storage handling equipment (sideloaders) efficiencies. While reducing maintenance cost and allowing the user to build more small orders faster.

These improved operating costs and efficiencies have been realized by several customers such as Ryerson Steel pictured below.

  Efficiency features include the following considerations:

  1. Easy Street Order PickerSideloader cycles are reduced by eliminating the continuous movement to and from the storage system in order to fill small customer orders which often times consist of many different pieces for a single order. The order picker eliminates the necessity ofpulling and then placing several pans with the sideloader in order to build a single order
  2. Because sideloader cycles are reduced, the speed at which each small order is filled using the EZ Street order picking bar platform machine improves efficiency dramatically. Consider several small orders may be built with this unit without leaving the rack system!
  3. Eliminating the use of sideloaders to build small orders also reduces the man power in order to fill and package each of these orders.
  4. By reducing the requirement for sideloaders to continuously move loads in order to create small orders, the up time reliability of the sideloaders is dramatically increased. Also, by reducing sideloader cycle times maintenance cost and damage to the sideloaders in also reduced. Using the EZ Street bar picking machine will subsequently increase the operating life of the sideloaders used in the operator’s storage system increasing efficiency and reducing operating expenses.
  5. The order picker also has very few moving parts relating to the handling of materials allowing this machine to be less prone to breakdowns as it reduces the opportunity for abuse and improper operation in order to build smaller customer orders.

order picker in actionConsidering the improved efficiencies and reduced operating costs realized with using the EZ Street order picking bar machine, it is a perfect fit in any operation which builds a considerable amount of smaller customer orders.

Please contact us if you would like more detail on this machine or if you have any questions whatsoever.